How New Vinyl Siding Increases Curb Appeal

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There are small steps you can take to increase the curb appeal of your home. For example, you may decide to plant flowers by the mailbox or trim the trees in your yard. However, if you’re ready for the next step in home improvement, you may want to consider new vinyl siding installation through an Grand Rapids siding contractor.

In this blog post, we will discuss what makes new vinyl siding so appealing to your neighbors and prospective homebuyers.

No Mold and Mildew

The gray, white, or black spots on your siding are mold and mildew. If you live in a region with high levels of humidity, you will want to check your siding for mold and mildew throughout the year.

If the issue has been caught relatively early, you may be able to get away with power washing the grime away. However, mold and mildew love to live in the cracks in your siding, which can made it difficult or impossible to clean.

If the mold issue is serious, replace your siding as soon as possible. Not only will new siding increase curb appeal, but it will also help your health so that you’re not breathing in mold spores. A knowledgeable home siding installation company can help you find the right siding for your home.

No Damage

We joke that if you want the weather in Michigan to change, you only have to wait five minutes. However, did you know that damage to your exterior siding could happen just as fast through hail? Many homeowners also install new siding once it has been damaged by wildlife, trapped moisture, or intense sunlight. To not replace your siding after it has been damaged would mean to live with an eyesore or have extreme difficulty selling your house.

No Faded Color

Over time, siding will fade from being exposed to the sun. However, did you also know that faded siding is less structurally sound? When you notice your siding is starting to fade, it’s time to call an experienced siding installation contractor. New siding will not only be stronger, but will also help your home look more beautiful from the road.

Modern Color Scheme

If the siding’s paint color dropped out of popularity a few decades ago, you might want to consider painting the siding a modern color. If the siding is damaged, this is just one more reason to invest in home siding installation.

Before picking out a color, we recommend you take a drive around your neighborhood. Since your neighbors’ houses were built around the same time as yours, the houses are likely to share architectural styles. This can help you get a good idea of what color palettes complement your home’s unique style. Be sure to also consider the rest of your home’s exterior design. For example, dark blue siding paired with white exterior trim can give your home a classic aesthetic.

You are also able to use color strategically to make your home appear larger or smaller than its actual size. For example, a small house can be perceived as more expansive with light-colored siding. Large homes, on the other hand, look cozier with dark-colored siding.

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